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DÉLIOSA Ice coffee is rapidly gaining ground in the European market (it's already a big success in Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Greece, etc.). This very tasty, creamy and delicious ice coffee is easy and quick to prepare.

DÉLIOSA Ice Coffee is made with Arabic coffee, is free of gluten and coloring and, if prepared with lactose-free milk or water, free of lactose. It's also suitable for vegetarians, because no saturated fats are added.

DÉLIOSA Ice coffee is prepared with milk in a 'slush' machine. The finely crushed ice provides a lovely refreshing experience. This delicious ice coffee is also very suitable to consume as dessert, for instance with a bit of alcohol.
It's a product you can play with; you can add whipped cream or more normal coffee for a stronger coffee taste, you can make cocktails and use this product with some whisky instead of using Baileys... With some creativity you can serve this product in many different ways!

This easily and quickly prepared Ice coffee is made to guarantee your customers are served rapidly, especially during rush hours. You only have to "tap" the drink.

Now also available in a small box with 15 sachets of 30gr for the preparation with a strong blender and the addition of ice cubes.

DÉLIOSA Ice coffee has been introduced in the Algarve of Portugal in May 2016, with results above expectation.
Would you also like to be one of the first selling-points?
Look at our promotional offer and contact us for more information or a free demonstration...

You can download here more information about DÉLIOSA in PDF.

  • Our offer

    DÉLIOSA Ice coffee consists of 550gr bag of coffee powder, which needs to be dissolved in 3 litres of milk (advised is whole fat milk, to get the best creamy taste or with lactose-free milk, to serve lactose intolerant people as well) and this will result in 4,5/5 litres final product, which can be served for about 5-7 days. The final mix is poured into a 'slush' machine and after about 20/30 minutos the ice coffee is ready to be served. The finely crushed ice provides a lovely refreshing experience. This ice coffee is also very suitable to consume as desert, for instance with a bit of alcohol.

    DÉLIOSA Ice Coffee is also available in small boxes with 15 sachets of 30gr each for a preparation by the cup, using a strong blender; just add about 80-100ml of milk and about 6-8 ice cubes.

    DÉLIOSA Ice coffee is free of gluten, lactose and coloring and is also vegetarian.

    How does it work

    If you are located in the Algarve or the Alentejo and you have a lot of passers-by, please contact us for more informations and perhaps we can deliver you a 'slush' machine and a package with promotional material* for free, you only have to sell...
    If you already own a 'slush' machine you can always sell DÉLIOSA ánd receive the free promotional package* as well, wherever you are located in Portugal.

    *The promotional package contains: beachflags, posters, glasses, cardboard cups, straws with spoon and table cards.

    Start today and become one of the first selling-points in your area!

    Contact us for more information, prices and conditions of the our offer or about the possibilities for selling DÉLIOSA in the other regions of Portugal.


Some preparation ideas for DÉLIOSA with:
Whipped cream / Irish coffee / Liquid Chocolate / Coffee espresso / Fruit / Liqueu (f.i. beirão or whisky)
Use your imagination to create more...!
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